Why Test

marijuana testingThere are two main reasons to test marijuana. First is to know the effects the marijuana will have. Marijuana contains as many as 60 different active ingredients, known as cannabinoids. The cannabinoids have different effects, and interact with each other in complex ways. While the strain of marijuana is generally a good indicator of the ratio of different cannabinoids, some strains show significant variation between plants, and it is always possible that a strain has been mislabeled.  In addition, the grower’s skill will greatly influence the overall level of cannabinoids. With testing, you will be able to better understand and predict your response to your medicine.

The second reason is safety. While marijuana itself is very safe, a number of different chemical and biological contaminants can be found in marijuana. These contaminants should be of concern to medical marijuana patients, particularly those having a compromised immune system because of HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy treatment or other reason. Biological contaminants include viruses, bacteria and mold. Chemical contaminants include pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and residual fertilizers. At Rm3 Labs, we are developing tests for the most common biological and chemical contaminants of marijuana.