Marijuana TestingCannabinoid Testing

•  Quick turnaround
•  Accurate results
•  Courier pick-up in Boulder and Denver
•  Can test all types of medical marijuana products

We currently offer a major cannabinoid test for medical marijuana samples. Our assay measures the amounts in the sample of five major cannabinoids:  THC, THC-A, CBD, CBD-A and CBN. For plant and solid concentrate samples, results are generally given as a percentage of dry weight; for other products such as food, results can be give in milligrams of cannabinoids per gram of sample, milligrams per milliliter, or milligrams per serving.  We also give supplemental information such as moisture content and the relative concentrations of the different cannabinoids in the sample.

We test all types of medical marijuana products, including plant samples, hashish, oils, tinctures and edibles. Sample sizes are 0.40 grams of marijuana or 0.15 grams of concentrates such as hashish or hash oil. For edibles and other products, the sample size is generally two ‘doses’. Standard turnaround is three business days after pick-up; next-day turnaround is also available.

Samples for clients in Boulder and Denver are picked up by courier. Please contact us for arrangements in other locations. We prepare a test results report for each sample that is delivered to the client via e-mail or mail.

As part of our testing, we inspect each sample under magnification for evidence of contamination by mold, bacteria, insects or other foreign materials. Our report will note any contamination we detect.

Our Methodology

At Rm3 Labs we use a testing methodology known as High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography, or HPTLC.  This method is widely used in the herbal, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical industries to ensure the purity and strength of products.  In this technique, cannabinoids are separated using multiple solvents and analyzed by computer.  Each step is performed under controlled conditions, allowing us to precisely quantify the cannabinoids in the product.

We’ve found our technique to be particularly useful for the testing of edibles, where sugars, fats and other ingredients in the sample can interfere with measuring cannabinoids.  Edibles we have tested to date include infused oils, butter, sodas, teas, juices, hard and soft candies, pastries, cookies and brownies.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about testing a particular product.

We’ve worked hard to make our methodologies environmentally friendly; we use less than half a teaspoon of solvents in each test.  We use no halogenated solvents whatsoever, as they are particularly toxic to people and the environment.

The Limitations of our Test Methods

We do not test an entire “batch” of product; we only test the sample provided by the client.  When testing marijuana, we ask for as representative a sample as possible; however, it is possible that a batch as a whole will be materially different from the sample.

There are currently no established protocols for medical marijuana testing in the U.S.  As a result, each lab uses its own procedures and calibration standards, and results from different labs may not be directly comparable.

Results of our tests may be used or displayed only by the client and only in connection with the batch of product from which the test sample was taken.

Additional Tests

We are developing tests for the most common biological and chemical contaminants of marijuana.  We will be offering these tests to our clients in the near future.
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